Below are "before" and "after" pictures of some of Dr. Anderson's work:

Before Bonding                               

After Bonding

Before Cosmetic Bonding             

After Cosmetic Bonding

Before Conservative Veneers       

After Conservative Veneers

Before Veneers - example 1          

After Veneers - example 1

Before Veneers - example 2          

After Veneers - example 2

Before Crowns - example 1          

After Crowns - example 1

Before Crowns - example 2          

After Crowns - example 2

Before Crowns and Veneers          

After Crowns and Veneers

Before Bridge                                  

After Bridge

Before Dental Implants                    

After Dental Implants

Before Implants and Crowns        

After Implants and Crowns

Before Surgery and Restoration    

After Surgery and Restoration