Dr. Chris Anderson is a Pankey© Institute trained Dentist.

Office News:

Below is a history of the most notable changes that have occured at our office over the last decade:

10/29/2018: We have started a Patient Referral Rewards program. See the GiftCard$ tab for details.

05/01/2018: Cathy Anderson, our long time office manager (and Dr. Chris' Mother) has decide to retire after 20+ years of service. She will be greatly miss. Cathy's husband (and Dr. Chris' Dad), Mike, will be assuming the office manager role for the next year or two.

01/30/2018: Since Liz will be leaving in a few months to incubate into an acutal dentist!, Dr. Chris has just hired her replacement. Nick will be starting in just a few weeks as our newest Assistant. He will be working along side Liz and Janet. Nick's goal is to follow in the footsteps of Wess, Evan, Kristin, Colton, and Liz to ultimately get accepted into the Georgia Regents University College of Dental Medicine. Dr. Chris is developing quite a legacy.

01/30/2018: Dr. Chris just invested in a new, more technically advanced 3D printer. This will allow creation of better, more accurate models and ultimately, an incremental improvement in patient outcomes.

01/15/2018: During the 1/15/2018 week, Dr. Chris visited the Pankey Institute as an instructor. The Pankey Institute has been in existance for over four decades and is highly regarded institution of advanced dental education.

12/10/2017: Liz, one of our assistants, has been accepted to Georgia Regents University College of Dental Medicine. This is Dr Chris' fourth assistant to make it into the Dental College. Congradulations Liz! That is a BIG accomplishment.

08/30/2017: Dr. Chris and his Dad worked over the summer to do some remodeling and had the office repainted. Check out our work.

01/30/2017: Dr. Chris was an instructor at the Pankey Institute this week, focusing primarily on the T-Scan (tscan) Digital Occlusal System.

12/21/2016: Our "Miss Betty" has finally retired (for the third time).  Miss Betty assisted with room cleaning, sterilization and assisted the hygientist's as needed.  She has been working part-time at this office, behind the scene, since the 1970's.  She's seen our office transition through three dentists (Shacklett, Kay and now Dr. Chris)!  But alas, traffic and the commute became too big of an issue for one day a week.   We'll miss you Miss Betty.

12/05/2016: Dr. Chris attended an instructor seminar at the Pankey Institute for three days this week.

08/29/2016: Dr. Chris just purchased a Digital Occlusal System. Using the T-Scan Novus Digital Occlusal Anaysis System, Dr. Anderson is able to provide our patients with a state-of-the-art occlusal (bite) analysis. This assists in identifying premature teeth contacts, and provides an excellent tool for improving occlusion (the fitting together of the teeth of the lower jaw with the corresponding teeth of the upper jaw when the jaws are closed). Dr. Chris is excited to provide this new capability to his patients.

04/20/2016: Ellen, one of our hygienists, is retiring! Her last day will be May 11th. Ellen has been here since 1999 and will be greatly missed. The entire staff and Ellen's many loyal patients will be sad to see her leave, but we celebrate this great milestone with her. Ellen and her husband plan to do a lot of traveling. Bon voyage Ellen.

04/11/2016: Dr. Chris attended another Pankey Institute advanced dental education last week. This class focused on sleep disorders and creating sleep apnea dental appliances.

03/20/2016: Dr. Chris attended an advanced dental implant class. Dr. Chris is using the software provided, along with a patient's CT Scan or 3D Scan and an in-house 3-D printer to create his own implant positioning templates. This will further enhance implant patient outcomes.

01/25/2016: Dr. Chris was an instructor this week at the prestigious Pankey Institute.

12/20/2015: Dr. Chris has just installed an Instrumentarium OP300 Maxio advanced digital CT-Scan and Panoramic X-Ray machine. This is an upgrade from our previous digital PAN machine and will provide Dr. Chris with better information in complex dental cases. This unit will also take traditional Panoramic X-Rays.

11/19/2015: Dr. Chris attended another Pankey Institute advanced dental education class earlier this month. In fact, he will be going back in January as an instructor at this highly regarded institution. Being asked to instruct at the Pankey Institute is a big deal.

06/01/2015: We have a new assistant, Elizabeth. She will be taking Kristen's place as one of Dr. Chris' assistants. Kristen will be moving to Augusta in August. Elizabeth is also targeting the Georgia Regents University College of Dental Medicine as her next career step. We are hoping that Elizabeth will be Dr. Chris' 4th placement at Georgia Regents University, but not too soon.

04/16/2015: Kristen, one of our dental assistants, just received word that she has been accepted into the Georgia Regents University College of Dentistry. She will be leaving in August. This is Dr Chris' third assistant to make it into the Dental College.

12/03/2014: We have been unable to get the local contact for NanoNano™Sterisol System to respond to a request for retreatment.

11/12/2014: Our newly redesigned website went live today.

10/13/2014: Dr. Chris just returned from a continuing education class at the Pankey Institute.  He studied TemporoMandibular Disorders (TMD) of the jaws two joints, called the Temporomandibular Joint or TMJ.

9/23/2014: Dr. Anderson now offers ClearCorrect invisible braces.

3/30/2014: Dr. Anderson was asked by 3M to demonstrate their 3D Digital Imaging Scanner to other Dentists at the Hinman Dental Meeting March 28th and 29th at the Georgia World Congress Center.

3/21/2014: Our entire office, from top to bottom, was treated today with a process provided by NanoNano™Sterisol System. NanoNano™Sterisol protective coating reduces the risk of infection to the lowest, reasonably, attainable level.  We are taking sterilization to the next level.

2/19/2014: We are now sending text message appointment reminders approximately two hours prior to your appointment.  They are sent around 7PM the prior evening for early morning appointments.  We hope you like the reminder.  Also, email appointment reminder/confirmation messages currently are sent six days prior to your appointment.  If you miss confirming an appointment electronically, don't worry, we will give you a call.

10/2013: We have added a digital 3D Imaging Scanner to our set of diagnostic and restorative tools.  3D scanning provides very precise modeling for creation of crowns, bridges, etc. It also improves patient comfort.

2/28/2013: With Evan leaving in August for Dental School, we have a new assistant Kristen that you will get a chance to meet soon. Kristen also has hopes of getting into Dental School.

1/30/2013: Well, we have another "good" staff change happening in August.  Our newest assistant, Evan Frisbee was just accepted at Georgia Regents University/Augusta (formerly called Medical College of Georgia).  That's a big deal!  Evan will be here until about August. We are proud of both Wes and Evan. By the way, Wes received a 4.0 first semester.

8/16/2012: Wes is off to Dental School.  Good luck Wes.

5/2012: We finished the new lab! Ask for the tour :-)

3/12/2012: We have started converting the old chart room to a second laboratory.  Check out our progress at your next visit.

2/2012: Dr. Chris has hired another assistant, Evan, to replace Wes when he goes off to dental school.  Evan graduates from college in the next few months.  Evan hopes to attend dental school in the future.

1/2012: Our Assistant Wes has been accepted into the Georgia Health Sciences University, College of Dental Medicine.  Congradulatios Wes! He will be heading to Augusta in late summer.  While we will all miss him, this will certainly open new opportunities for Wes.

6/20/2011: Conversion of medical history and coorespondance from paper charts to electronic form has been completed.  We scanned over 30,000 pages in the process.  We appreciate everyones cooperation in updating their Patient Information (this should only need updated every 5+ years) and Medical History (which needs to be updated every two years or sooner if your medical conditions change).  Thanks again for your support. Maintaining all records digitally will help improve office efficiency.  By the way, the oldest document that we found was dated 1963!

3/16/2011: We have disabled the patient logon feature on our website.  The web-interface software that we have been using for the last six months or so, while from a well known, fortune 500 company, has proven to be quite problematic and not up to our high standards.  Our office will investigate alternatives as time permits.  We apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused.  Rest assured that the software company has been made well aware of their shortcomings.  If you have any further questions, send you inquiry to support@dmdga.com.

2/2011: One of Dr. Chris' 2011 goals is to convert to totally paperless records.  While your dental records have been electronic for years at our office, we still maintained paper charts for medical history and other coorespondence.  We've just started a project to digitize all of our many years of those paper records.  So those familiar paper charts will soon become just a fading memory.  While our goal will be to transfer all paper patient records to electronic form, for ease of use and improved efficiency, we will still use paper Medical and Dental History and Patient Information forms for patient input, for the foreseeable future.  But, we will be scanning those forms into our Patient Information System and will not retain the paper long term.  During this effort, we may be asking you to update your Medical and Dental History and Patient Information so that we have a consistent an accurate baseline to "go digital" with.  We appreciate your help and assistance as we work on this major project.  As a side note, this practice was started in the 1960's by Dr. Shacklett, thus we have patients that have grown up with our office.  So our records go back 3 or 4 decades in some cases, making our digitization task a bit of a challenge.  Ask us how the project is going next time your visit our office.

1/2011: We've got a new member of our "family".  Dr. Chris recently hired an experienced Hygienist, Christine, to replace Linda.   If you visit us on Wednesday or Thursday, say hello to Christine.  We are sure you will appreciate Christine's optimism, cheerfulness, and gentle touch.

12/2010: One of our long term Hygienists, Linda, has retired.  We all wish her the best.  We expect her back occasionally as a substitute so you still might get a chance to see her.

10/2010: To provide improved panoramic (PAN) digital X-rays and further reduce the radiation required to take those xrays, Dr. Chris installed a digital PAN X-ray machine made by Sidexis.  Our office has been doing digital X-rays for 7 to 8 years and now the last "film" device has been replaced with a digital version.

8/2010: Our office took a lightning hit on Friday August 13th in the late afternoon, which jumped to the network cabling and took out 10 computers. We took this "opportunity" to update all computers in the office and add surge protection for the network.  We were back up and running a couple days later with no loss of data and faster, more up-to-date hardware.

3/2010: Our "staff" grew by one. Dr. Chris and his wife Leigh Ann gave birth to a healthy little girl, Abby.  Be sure and ask to see pictures at your next visit.  You might not even have to ask!